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What is this?

Needle Knight is an on-going story about Leo the wood mouse and his first day as a member of the Thimble Guard. After a page is posted, you (the reader) can make suggestions for what Leo should do next. Comments are open for 3 days after each post.

When does it update?

I’ll try to have new pages up twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. But this is a side project, so apologies for any delays. Follow the Twitter account or the Discord server for updates.

Who makes it?

The story is written by Jeremy Noghani, and the full illustrations are by Sneaky Gnida.

The aerial picture of Trafalgar Square is adapted from a CC BY-SA 3.0 licensed photo by Ed Parsons.

What’s the link with Small Saga?

Needle Knight is a prequel to the upcoming game Small Saga. Leo is ordained 6 months before a mouse named Verm first encounters a certain god.

Can our decisions affect what happens in Small Saga?


What if we get Leo killed?

That would be very inconvenient. Please don’t do that.