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Intermission – The Story So Far

Intermission – The Story So Far published on 5 Comments on Intermission – The Story So Far



Apologies for the interruption. When a guitar string snaps, it can take a while to retune.

You’ve heard half the song so far — that is, the song of Sir Leo, young wood mouse and freshly-ordained knight of the Thimble Guard.

You heard how Leo met his peers and superiors, a band of strong-willed and intimidating folk.

You heard how Leo flew to the doomed village of Solhill, and how his path crossed with that of a Vulpes. Our hero escaped unscathed, but only once a contract had been writ and signed.

You heard how the young mouse stood his ground against the cowardly Blademaster Alex, for what good is a knight if he does not protect those in need?

And you heard how a mere three knights are now searching every millimetre of the shrew village for anything that may help in the coming fight or flight against their titanic foe.

When we left off, the three knights were exploring Solhill’s earth cellar. Nothing was found, save for a Loremaster in humble robes. What words of wisdom might this academic bestow to our hero, Sir Leo?

Let’s get this song back on track.