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The Hunt

The Hunt published on 7 Comments on The Hunt

Look. Up.


You look up.

There’s no sign of any hat in the canopy, at least not from this angle. Maybe you’ll try climbing a tree once you’ve exhausted your other options.

See if there’s anything interesting in that cylindrical metal structure. It looks a little small for the hat to fit into, but you never know?


You see a metal container that was cast aside by the gods. Containers like these are traded by the merchants of Canard’s Wharf every day, and you know that they hold all sorts of delicacies, from divine alcohol to scrumptious beans. You jump up and peer inside.

Unfortunately, this one has already been licked clean. No delicacies or hats to be found.

To stave off boredom while you search, take out your sword and pretend you’re fighting off a dragon. Its never not the appropriate time to practice your heroics.

Violet the Screeching Creature

You practice your lunge against the empty container, punishing the object for its lack of delicacies.

Ha! Take that, you foul dragon!

The container has been defeated. You gain zero experience points.

Search the grass! There is something colorful to our left.

Iron Wofle

You spy a flash of red behind some tall grass, nestled in the shade of a dense thicket.

Oh yeah! That’s what we’re here for.

You wade through the grass, ready to reclaim the hat and make your triumphant return. But as you draw near, the red rises up and whisks away, revealing itself as a tuft of red fur tail attached to a large, bristly tail.

You are overcome by a primal, abyssal sense of dread.

From the darkness of the thicket, a creature rises and steps forward. He studies you with a pair of piercing, golden eyes.

You are face to face with a vulpes.

What do you do?


Don’t waste time and brainjuice with lies. There’s always a chance it isn’t hungry or doesn’t want to eat you for reasons. It’s a small chance. If it sees you, ask if it has seen the hat. Do not stand still. Move slowly toward safety if you’re ignored. Moved quickly if you are not ignored.