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Extensive Room Check

Extensive Room Check published on 20 Comments on Extensive Room Check

Maybe it’s the first day nerves talking, but you suddenly feel compelled to scour every corner of the room for any trace of anything useful.

Look inside the Chest!

– Budem

Your bedside chest is a sensible place to start. There are no arms to be found, but you do discover a slice of lemon cake, bestrewn with poppy seeds and a delicate lavender icing. It smells fresh. Who baked this? In any case, you carefully wrap the cake in a handkerchief and place it in a side pouch for safe keeping.

Look underneath the rug!

– Rashan

You find 3 seeds under the rug. You add them to your wallet.

Grab a shield off the wall and pose heroically

– Violet the Screeching Creature

You find a Thimble Guard heavy shield. You pose like the great hero Artura.

However, you decide not to take the shield with you. Sturdy as it is, a weighty shield does not suit the elegance of the Wood Mouse Fencing Style. Besides, this one is probably supposed to be ornamental.

Grab the 200gp stashed under the bed.

– Flynn

All the best loot is stored under beds, or so you’ve heard from ne’er-do-wells. A quick search under your neighbours’ mattresses reveals no loot (although you leave the largest bed alone, because you are no fool). You search your own bed for good measure and find nothing, save for a crumpled piece of paper that a careless individual must have dropped.

Lemon: Be in main hall by 8 a.m. Sharp! Signed, V.

Who wrote this? Their paw-writing is atrocious. And who is Lemon?

There is no clock in the barracks, but if the bustle of the gods on the floorboards above is anything to go by, then it must be almost 9 a.m.

You survey the state of the room.

What do you do?