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Lemons and Grapes

Lemons and Grapes published on 6 Comments on Lemons and Grapes

DO NOT CHALLENGE “LEMON”. We clearly earned a nickname for doing something dumb last night, AND we’re late. Safer to embrace it in good humor (and try very hard to remember last night).


You rack your brain, desperately trying to recall the events of last night, but everything is shrouded in a grape-coloured fog. You decide not to press the “Lemon” issue. Wouldn’t want things to turn sour.

Val offers their flask, and you reach to take it.

“Val. Don’t encourage him.”

It’s the mouse with the oversized sword. You recognise her as Rosaline, a knight three days your younger, but three ranks your senior.

“Listen, Lemon. You made a fool of yourself last night, and today you missed the morning roll call. Alex will be looking for any excuse to discipline you. So don’t drink. Don’t play any games. Follow the Blademaster’s orders to the letter, and maybe, maybe, you’ll get through the day with nothing worse than a slap on the wrist.”

“Ah well,” says Val. “More for me.”

They take a hearty swig, and you catch a whiff of the flask’s contents. It’s disgustingly acrid. If that’s wine, then it has been fortified beyond recognition.

What’s todays agenda?


You ask Val and Rosaline what kind of mission you’ll be on today.

“If you’re lucky, city patrols,” says Rosaline. “Making sure Murida’s streets are clean.”

“And if you’re unlucky, making sure the Labyrinth pipes are clean,” says Val. “That fat and filth won’t unclog itself.”

Street patrols and sanitation work weren’t really what you had in mind when you signed up to the valiant Thimble Guard, “the braves in blue”, the noble protectors of Rodentia with a three hundred year legacy.

Propose a better mission.


Rosaline’s right- don’t want to make more waves after you apparently rocked the boat enough last night. Push for going on city patrol duty; get a taste for what the city’s like to a Thimble Guard.

Are there not any mighty dragons terrorizing the citizens to slay? Or at the very least a cat named Dragon?

What about a mighty trek to the frozen towers where a bountiful harvest awaits those who can brave the harsh cold? Murida would never go hungry again!

The possibilities are endless! We could be heralded as heroes!

This may not be the story of Lemon Cake, the mouse who went back to bed. That doesn’t mean it has to be the story of Lemon Cake, the mouse who got big ideas on his first day and suffered for it. Fall in line for a bit, hope for city patrol, and look for opportunities to make the day better after it’s back on the right track.