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Take Off

Take Off published on 12 Comments on Take Off

Lets compromise. You’ll do this extremely dangerous stunt. But you get to wear the Blademaster’s hat while you do it. Deal?

Violet the Screeching Creature

You ask Blademaster Alex, one of the most esteemed knights of Rodentia, if you can borrow his hat.

“No,” he replies.

If we’re holding onto the back, then someone else is holding onto this map. We’re not getting setup for failure THAT easily.


You ask if you can at least pass the map to someone else for safe-keeping.

“No,” he replies.

Yeah we will hold onto your back. As long as someone else holds onto the map and we get to wear your sweet hat Blademaster!


You point out the unnecessary danger of what you are being asked to do, and you argue that it is a flagrant disregard for Muridan health and safety standards. You insist that you will only comply if your two conditions are met.

“You know what? I don’t have time for this malarkey,” says Alex. “Fine. Give the damned map to Val.”

You offer the map to Val, presenting the artefact with the grace and care it deserves.

“And here’s your damned hat,” he says, throwing it at your face. “Lose it, and I’ll have you guillotined.”

You have acquired Blademaster Alex’s hat. You affix it tightly to your head.

“Aww yeah, looking sharp, Blademaster,” says Val, giving you finger-guns.
“You look absurd,” mutters Rosaline.

Dizi drags a basket over from one side of the rooftop. You take your precarious seat on the bird’s back, and the other three knights squeeze into the basket.

“All aboard? A’ight, we’re going non-stop to Solhill. COO COO!”

With a series of intense flaps, Dizi launches upwards, grabbing the basket as he soars into the sky. You clutch the feathers on Dizi’s neck and keep your eyes tightly shut.

After a minute, you dare to look around.


This is actually pretty nice.

You’ve never seen the kingdom from this angle before. Godly buildings that normally tower over you now look like nothing more than children’s playthings. Godly vehicles scuttle to and fro like beetles. The gods themselves are miniscule and all alike. You almost feel like you can reach out and pick a god up, but you don’t dare to release your grip on Dizi to try it.

As you fly over the border of the Prince’s Green, Dizi interrupts your thoughts.

“Hey, mouse?”


"Wanna see me do a loop-de-loop?"

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  • HECK YEAH! (43%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 46

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Do not do it under any circumstances! The hat or Lemon will be lost and the story will be over. We’ve had enough excitement for now. Let’s just get there. The worry is also that everyone in the basket will get lost in the trick.

No loops. No aileron rolls. No pretending to fall out of the sky and pulling up at the last second. We have work to do, and some of us might like to live long enough to turn our parents into grandparents.