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Steed published on 11 Comments on Steed

Obviously we must fly.. NYOOOOM


What can you say? You want to fly like a bird. This is an easy vote for raven.

“Boo, way to betray me, Lemon,” says Val.

Start getting in the habit of checking the spot where you’ve put the map on your belt.


Oh right, the Blademaster’s map. You make a mental note to check the map every ten seconds. Losing it is not an option.

Alex claps his paws again. “Okay. Briefing’s over. Let’s march to the East Gate, get to the roof, and grab some ravens. We want to get to Solhill before noon.”

You, Alex, Val, and Rosaline march out of the palace…

…around the statue of Ratlas…

…through the streets of Murida…

…out the East Gate, and up the long pipe to the outside world where you find your glorious raven steed in waiting.

“You are not a raven,” says Alex.
“Yeah, fancy pants, very observant,” says the bird. “The name’s Dizi and as you astutely noticed, I am, in fact, a pigeon.”
“Yes, okay,” says Alex, massaging the bridge of his nose, “but where are the ravens?”
“They all gone on strike ‘cos you lot didn’t meet their pay demands,” says Dizi.
“Austerity measures,” Val whispers in your ear.
“But don’t you worry,” Dizi continues, “I may work freelance, but I’m just as good as any raven.”
“Fine,” says Alex. “Can you take the four of us to Solhill village? Look.”

The Blademaster shoots you a glare. You hastily withdraw the map and hold it out in front of the pigeon’s face.

“Oh, yeah. The park with those weirdo animals. Four of yous, though? With all them weapons? That ain’t gonna work. I only brought my small carrier basket today. It’s good for two, maybe three rodents with a squeeze.”

“Lemon volunteers to hold on to your back,” says Alex.

No he absolutely does not.

“Yes, you do,” says Alex.

This sounds dangerous. Do we protest, or what?


If I were Lemon, I would protest. And suggest that they split into two groups and the bird has to fly twice. It is far too dangerous to hold on to the back. That’s exactly how accidents happen that nobody wants. If the sword master doesn’t agree, then at least one of the colleagues flying in the basket should take the map. Otherwise I’ll see it flying away.